Wednesday 22 April 2020

Thessalian Heavy Cavalry and Eastern Cataphracts

Evening all. Hope you are all well. I'm cracking through my 15mm 1st century BC ancients. Luckily I had a delivery yesterday.
Couple of cavalry units completed this week.

1st up an unit of Thessalian heavy cavaly. you can tell they are impact cavalry because there are 3 to a base. No brain surgery here.

These are from Xyston and are nice figures. Like the blue cloaks and the white spears. Seems like they should have shields but they don't. if I end up with some spares then they may in the future

Next, also from Xyston, some Eastern Cataphracts. These will act as Parthians but looking at then will work for most cataphracts from Saka to late Roman

Love painting cataphracts, the joy of black undercoat, dry brushing with Mithril Silver, yes I still have some but not much, and then pick out details in gold.

Next up will be Galatians, of which there will be many. I also have a plan to fight the battle of the Ford of the River God, the climatic battle at the end of the 1st Tyrant book by Christian Cameron. He is one of my favourite authors. I have the Greek types and the Saka, just need a way to make it epic 


  1. The cavalry looks great. Christian Cameron's book are great, one of my favourite authors too.

    1. cheers, find a nice battle to make a good club game

  2. Well done Martin keeping up the productivity in these times, epic is easy just a really big table and masses of figures !

    1. cheers. Yip working on masses of figures, close to becoming my biggest collection (ACW still biggest but only just). Big table is your house