Wednesday 25 March 2020

Parthian Bedouin Camel Achers

Morning all, hope you are well. So I have just completed my 1st week in self-isolation. I have an underlying medical condition, nothing serious or debilitating but I am diabetic and controlling with diet and pills.
Work effectively closed down 7 days ago and we moved online, I work at a University. The nove to online was an epic demonstration of people pulling together and working together. Like work is supposed to be.
So working from home is weird and it is taking me a while to get used to it. I am incredibly busy and I need to organise it better but I have enough toilet roll to last at least 9 more weeks (6 rolls - I've done the maths). After that we can move to an egg based diet.
I knew that the actions imposed were coming so I have restocked with lead pile before all companies shut down, Colonel Bill is still working as he works from home although not sure how long his stocks will last, and I an order has been despatchd by Bad Squiddo. That coupled with the bumper stock bought 2 weeks ago should tide me over.
So enough rambling onto the painting.
I'v edecided to build up as many armies from about 80bc as possible in the area around modern day Turkey. I already have a large Pontic army and it contains a wide variety of troops that I can mix into other forces. So I've loads of Romans, Thracians and generic pike blocks to paint to add to my Indian army to make it more chronologically relevant.
First up some Bedouin camel archers that were part of the Parthian army.

These are Xystoin miniatures, bought from ColBill, and are very nice figures to paint. There are 16 of them and the fun go to rules are Kings of War, so will be 4 troops or 2 regiments.
Really enjoyed painting them over the last 4 days, no rush at the moment. I really like painting 15mm, they fit nicely with my painting ability.
Next up I will start some Thracians.

I hope all of you stay safe, I think it will be August before we start to get back to normal and longer before this was a memory.



  1. Great work Martin, you'll have the army done in no time.

    1. cheers, annoyingly these are my only Pathian figures, ColBill had no others and Forged in Battle have shut.

  2. Nice work Martin, there seems to be lots of 15mm ancients being painted just now.

    1. Yes there does. Massive battle in the autumn I think

  3. Nice work Martin ....don’t forget to paint slowly at your normal rate you will run out around Easter !

    1. Ta. These took me 4 days. Hopeful I have enough, new delivery arrived today, 28mm Sci fi and another on the way.