Sunday 30 September 2018

Late war Germans and a Boat

Been tidying up the collections and getting my mojo re-engaged. Painting the pontic army has been fun, really like painting 15mm, but been hard to float about between periods in my normal style.
I have done a bit though.
First up is some AT support for my planned FoW German Fusilier company

Marders - Plastic soldier Company

Pak 40 - more Plastic Soldier Co

I bought this Sarissa mdf "African Queen" at the Border Reiver show. It's a great model, easy to assemble and paint. The only problem was the mast, it's also mdf and very flimsy, I broke it getting it out of the bag,. so I replaced it with a bamboo skewer. The crates etc are out of my terrain box

It will go great with some African type games.

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