Sunday 2 September 2018

Border Reiver 2018 and bored house guests

I've had friends up this weekend, did the Great Exhibition of the North tour and some antique shopping, more of that later. Managed to con them into a quick visit to Border Reiver. Not really their thing. The show looked pretty good with some nice games but it was a very quick visit. Bought what I wanted and some cheap stuff.
1st though the post man has been

Forged in battle pikemen for Pontus

Osprey roman book, enemies for Pontus

Forged in battle hellenistic officers for Pontus

Massive Talos, man of bronze from Steve Barber, for the sake of it

African Queen Steamer from Sarissa

More pikemen and some Cretan Archers from Xyston 

Picts from bring and buy. Bargain

Resin 28mm half track, £10

Romans from Col Bill. 

They have a scale issue being actually 15mm compared to my other"15mm" figs that are 18mm. May use double thick bases and see

Finally antique shopping

I bought this printers tray, nice wood with brass connectors.
Did this with it

Nice display for some of my figs

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