Saturday 7 January 2017

More Mail and a change of plans

So the plan was to fight a battle today, table set up, figures ready, story sorted. But then post and facebook got in the way. All really good so no complaints. I'm still affected by the Christmas virus and run down, so things are a bit of a drag at the moment.
First up the post came today, 3 parcels

Chinese militia for Back of Beyond - Northstar

Yetis to scare the Chinese - Northstar

Detectives, need a couple of these for the challenge and my painting duet with Edwin

Oil Derricks - ebay. useful post about 1880

The Great Game - Diplomatist Books - Edwin

Diplomatist books again 

Edwin was generous to send me a handful of skulls - much appreciated

I've been hanging about with the Old Guard Wargames Club and had a great games day the other week. We are having another games day and I'm playing Impetus with my Romans. Never played it before and have to spend some time rebasing the legions. That will be this afternoon,s job. A slackers work is never done.

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