Saturday 14 January 2017

Challenge update

Normally I wait until I've something non Challenge related to post but I'm a bit sleepless so this is a review of my latest submission. I was a paint bomb of over 400pts,
The main part was 28 Persian and Afghan cavalry that I bought with my prize from last year's challenge. The prize was a £75 gift voucher from Westfalia and the figures are great

Persian Lancers

Afghan Cavalry

and some more
These will be used in my generic african and NW frontier battles. I'm currently reading a book called The Great Game, bought from Diplomatist Books, about spying in Afghanistan, and these useful for that.
Next up a set of Zulu war figs 

Natal Carabiniers - a mix of Rapier and converted Northstar British

Dismounted by Rapier

Field gun

Heliograph - Black Tree Design

Rocket - Black Tree Design

Next some Gauls for an upcoming game of Impetus with the Old Guard wargames group

The legendarily terrible Wargames Factory Plastics

And now for some more random stuff

Robot German machine gunners for Konflict 47. 

Lastly a steam tank for my VBCW miners by Ironclad. Changed the gun to a 30 cal

Work tomorrow but hopefully I'll start the battle that has been laid out all week on Sunday

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