Saturday 8 October 2016


I have joined Clint's Klintanistan game. This is my 1st venture into this type of game and I'm looking forward to it. Klintanistan is a central Asian country in the interwar years. There are about a dozen of us and we have each been given a territory and a list of 5 types of economic resources to start with. My resources are 3 of fruit and 2 of livestock. Apparently I'm Worcestershire. With that image in mind I have created Malusia - the Country of Apples

Malusia is dominated by 2 rivers, the Proper Scrumpy and the Strongbow which provide rich fertile soils  and a climate ideal for growing apples and pears and producing the cider that we are famous for. The capital city is Zyder, a centre of enterprise and learning and home to the largest brewery in the country. To the South the twin river port cities of Weston and Calyx provide the main route for goods into and out of the Malusia. Both rivers are navigable as far north as Perry and Zyder making these rivers the main trade routes.
Malusia was opened up by 2 brothers, Perry and Pippin Weston who saw great opportunity when they viewed the huge natural orchards that covered the country. Apples made their fortune and dominate the agriculture in Weston, Calyx and Zyder. The territories of Pippin and Perry diversified and farmed pigs around the orchards and sheep on the Weston and Bulmer hills.
Malusians are peaceful folk but yearn for a more modern life. However Malusia is not currently rich in other resources and they will do what is necessary to improve their lives.

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