Friday 9 September 2016

The Best laid Plans

So I have today off work and friends arriving this evening for a weekend of jollity. Only I don't. I awoke this morning to find that my curtains had fallen off in my living room. Not only fallen off but dragged the plaster and mortar with them.

So I've had to apply fresh mortar and leave to harden so that I can drill them tomorrow, that is bound to be a disaster. But that's OK by mate Dave (don't we all have a mate name Dave) and his other half Emma are coming up and he is a DIY kinda guy. Only they're not as Emma's aunt has taken gravely ill and she has had to fly to Ireland. It's been a week of extreme illnesses, a friend and colleague Prof Paul Younger has had to retire at 53 with a brain tumour. For those of us with mental and not physical prowess it is the thing that scares us most.
This is all too sad so on to fun stuff. I'm sitting at a prepared battle field for TMWWBK (that is an effing awful acronym ) and from now on will be called Peachy's Wars (until there is a better name)

This is a 19 point per side Brits vs Mahdits on my 3ft by 4ft space. Little to crowded but I need the spare room to play bigger and I have guests wait I don't. Too late now. It the curtains go up easily then tomorrow Zulus or the such like.
Finally I had a delivery, yay. I ordered some figures from Irregular Miniatures earlier in the week, no mean feat as they have no online ordering, and they arrived today. Which was great.

6 Horses with bridle and reins

I have some old Napoleonic British Dragoons ( I think) but no horses. These we £1 each and are perfectly acceptable if a little small. 
In July I painted some Belgian WW1 machine guns on dog carts for the postmen in VBCW. However the machine guns were not separate

 So I bought 2 French WW1 Hotchkiss machine guns

 Some Mules - very useful

WW1 AT gun

WW1 18lb howitzer

 An then quite a lot of pigs

The whole set was £30 \and the quality of the animals and guns is generally high but the gun crews aren't great. The whole lot was on £31 though
Hopefully will post the AAR later today

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