Tuesday 31 May 2016

Yet more painting

I seem to be painting like a maniac at the moment.

The are the film and historical versions of Lt Bromhead by Trent Miniatures ( although they have a Copplestone feel). These are very nice figs and will finish off the 24th Foot as an officer and an NCO.

The African Campaign has seen the Germans fight and lose their 1st major battle against the Zulus. The all female army needed reinforcements so these are some more Askaris. These are Dixon's Dahomey "Amazon" headhunters. A really good collection.

What the Germans lacked was trusted scouts so they have employed a trio of famed hunters. These will provide much needed expertise and lead the Askari units. Pulp Miniatures from Dice Bag Lady.

Finally a socialist flag bearer for the Northumberland Miners Collective. The flag is an envelope and I'm undecided if to take off the visible while, it looks liketrim and gives the flag an outline.

Also made some hedges out of pan scourers but they are still drying. And so ends a hectic month (well last two weeks anyway). I'm quite ill at the moment due to my broken brain, hence the painting rush, but in 5 weeks I get a month off to recharge my batteries and come up for air.

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