Monday 2 May 2016

ACW AAR, new rules and some ropey photography

I had planned to fight a VBCW battle this weekend but felt the urge for ACW so I fought that instead using my own rules. I got 1/2 way through the battle and didn't like how my rules were behaving, messy, complicated and just didn't feel right. So I rewrote the rules (still very old school but then so am I). Basically 5 or 6 on a D6 is a hit and all the shooting factors (range, cover etc.) are now added to save roll. These worked much better but then there was some very bad photography so I could only salvage a few shots

Open set up. Confederates on left, Hay's Brigade). The deployment was done using cards with 50% blanks. The Confederates were pretty evenly spread out whilst the Union forces (1st Brigade III Corps) were heavy on the left and light on the right and centre.

The Union advance on the left

The Confederates occupy the woods to their right and advance across the rest of the field. Some cannon fire started to inflict light casulaties on both sides

Firefights between the 5th Louisiana (in woods) and the 68th Penn (bottom) and the 8th Louisiana (on hill)and the 141st Penn (topin woods). Whilst the 114th Penn (Veteran Zouaves) and 57th Penn advance into the gap. These 2 firefights were to be decisive. The 68th Penn routed the 5th Louisiana with better shooting. The 8th Louisiana  suffered a devastating volley from the 141st, losing 1/3 strength in a single round. 

The 114th took advantage and charged them from the hill. With 2 routing units in front of them the entire Union flank advanced and drove the other 2 units opposing them from the field. The photography now packed up but with 50% of their army routed and a stuttering advance of their other flank the victory of the Union was assured.

Overall the rules worked nicely and they evolved through the battle. I do need more troops though, about 4 more regiments per side and a couple more cannon batteries.
I have reposted the tweaked rules above.

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