Sunday 17 April 2016

Nesting Season

I've had a really lazy weekend, recovering from a major teaching week (teaching76 masters students  remediation of contaminated land all week).
Fought the 2nd Africa campaign battle (see yesterdays post), read a lot of stuff about Salute (lot of people) and built a machine gun nest for VBCW.
As part of my prize from the painting challenge Alf and Clara from Barrage miniatures sent me a couple free extras These were gun ports for concrete fortification. I turned the smaller one into a machine gun nest, the larger one will hold an AT gun once I've bought one.

Side walls made of balsa

"Buttered" with filler to hide the joins and wood

Painted concrete and washed with black ink. Added card roof and foliage, 

Top view (obviously), enough room for 4 extra figs

Front view

Generally a very pleasant weekend. Off to build some river sections now while waiting for Agents of Shield

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