Friday 8 April 2016

More Reinforcements

I had another parcel today, which is a good job as I've already finished the Trolls and nearly finished the Skraelings

Like the Trolls, even if they are a little passive. They look like the worlds worst boy band, well not the worst but the ugliest, well not the ugliest but you get the picture.
The parcel was from Dixon's and contained their Dahomey collection (56 figs for £60). They are French colonial troops, and opponents, including female head hunters.
I have the starting of a plan for a Colonial campaign involving Brits, Germans and French fighting over an Imagination Africa using IHMN or Heart of Africa and another set of rules for major battles (once I've found a good one - suggestions welcome. )
The figs are great

French Foreign Legion in tropical dress - I already have some in classic desert attire

Dahomey men - slave traders possibly

Africa personalities including a guy dressed only in an officers jacket and kepi. Looks like the doorman in a nudist colony

Native porters - good objectives

Dahomey warrior women - these will work as askaris for my entirely female German force (Hinterland minis)

Colonial Trialleurs

The trialleurs inspired me to get out the bits box and convert 6spare ACW Zouaves into more Trialleurs

I used heads and arms + guns from the Perry Ansar box, will add sleeves later. The officer is a Prussian 19th century officer with a Wolsley type hat and some of the buttons removed.
Generally a good day and nothing to do all weekend but potter about - genius

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