Thursday 3 March 2016

Possibly the penultimate up date fromthe painting challenge

I have finished my Republican Romans, I do love that feeling when you have completed an army. There were 4 units to complete

Hastai - Aventine

Principes - 1st Corps

Principes - 1st Corps

Triari - 1st Corps

So this is my competed army, 2 units of velites and 1 unit of Triari were completed during the last challenge but the rest are all this one. 4 units each of Hastai and Principes, 2 Triari, 1 unit Equites, 2 units Velites, 1 unit of allied Volosci and 3 Generals. All the figs are Aventine, Crusader or 1st Corps

I also completed this unit of 12 Gallic Noble Cavalry all mounted on greys - seemed like a good idea at the time - by Wargames Factory. I really hated painting these and it has taken weeks to do them.

And finally 8 Gaul slingers, again Wargames Factory. Washed in Windsor and Newton peat brown ink, which works very well but leaves them a little shiny but varnishing will cure that.

I posted this very early, original post was only yesterday but I need to test out Blogger which is playing silly buggers with comments

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