Thursday 3 December 2015

Wargames Foundry are a proper professional organisation

I wasn't planning on posting twice today but as I was a home reading a PhD thesis the postman came and delivered 2 parcels.
I opened the 1st one without thinking and it is the garden set from from Warbases. Very nice but I'd not placed an order with them. Baffled I looked at the label and it said SS on the address. it was my Secret Santa present from the love in run by Ian and Cath at the Blog with No Name. I was planning to leave it until Christmas but it's too late now. To my Secret Santa thank you it's really great and was on my to buy list.
The second parcel was from Wargames Foundry and contained 2 bonus round models for the Painting Challenge, which will remain nameless for the moment but are really great. I've always liked Foundry figures, they are generally brilliant and are less pricey than they used to be.
However there was a problem with the order, I'd ordered 2 packs of NW Frontier Highland infantry and recieved 2 packs of Norman infantry (NM11 and NM12 not NW11 and NW12). This is an annoyance but human error and I have no problem with people making mistakes because they are human and it's a simple mistake to make (I've worked on a production line and understand).
I called Wargames and Marcus answered. I explained the problem and he was mortified and quickly promised to send out replacements. On top of that I could keep the Normans. Brilliant. I love good customer service. I have a lot of Foundry figures but haven't bought any for ages but I will be going back to buy more stuff.
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