Sunday 27 December 2015

Shiny Happy People

Christmas festivities are done and I'm exhausted (80% in a good way - family, beer and food, and 20% in a bad way - got a dodgy cold)
I had a really great time (4 sorts of fish for starters and 8 sorts of meat for mains at Christmas lunch) and some really fab presents, which I present below

Zulu command set from Empress

Naval Squad in Sennet hats from Copplestone 

Couple of Fishermen from Black Cat Bases and "The Good, The Bad and the Weird from Tsuba miniatures

Carthaginian General from Magister Militum and 2 pygmies in masks from Black Cat

Bag of  Pathans from Old Glory

 Parthian Camel Cataphracts from Magister

And finally Bengal Lancers from Perry

Generally I'm really pleased with all of them. I've not bought from Magister of Black Cat before and then are good - Magister being very much old school but well executed  and I've always wanted some of these camels.
A special word must go out to Tsuba Miniatures, these may be the best figures I've ever bought - I have more not shown that will pop up on the Painting Challenge this week. The sculpting and casting is fantastic. They can be bought from Empress bt i went direct to the blog and bought them from Marcus directly. Took a little long as he has an actual life as well but much cheaper. The selection is small but interesting.

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