Saturday 9 February 2019

Seems to have been ages

The analogue hobbies challenge is continuing to take up my time, I'm leading at the moment but no chickens will be counted and my 3 nearest challengers have a habit of posting >500pts in a week. That being said I'm pretty chuffed with my output as it has mainly been 15mm.
It was Vapnatak last weekend and a fun day. The layout is rubbish, the bring and buy was poor this year, why do people book a table all day . Very annoying and boring. I bought some Russian Civil was stuff, AC and terrain and some other terrain stuff as well and a 10m Pendraken 7YW Prussian army. Matt is doing a 7YW project so I thought I'd tag along with some Brunswickers. I then went home and bought a load of Russian civil war stuff from Copplestone. It's my new project, although I already have loads
I met loads of people and a work colleague who I should play more with but his group meet on Sunday night which is a bit rubbish for me, I need quiet time on Sunday night before work on Sunday.
Game tonight and will post that tomorrow. Enough of me waffling on to some challenge photos

28mm Confederate ACW regiment

28mm Union ACW regiment - these regiments "complete" my armies

Massive spiders for the Hammerhead game - these are actually the baby spiders for the game but have 28mm long bodies

1/2 48 Commando company - my Grandad's unit in WW2

The other half. Have another 1 of these but photos repetative

Commando support

15mm Greek temples - aquarium supplies

With Forged in Battle goats

Forged in Battle Greek village

Mr Lees 40mm Innuit warrior, lovely figure and will double as a frost giant

28mm Merc - another crappy bonus entry but need the points for the challenge and my last 2 entries are done and much better
Pretty sure i've missed some out but pop over to the Analogue Hobbies blog and look up the work


  1. Been a busy boy ..Welcome to normal comments!

  2. Looking mighty fine Martin. You have been a very busy boy!

    1. Yip, very. Less so this week but noel, Alex and miles are circling

  3. That's a cool looking collection! Especially the ACW stuff 👍

    1. Cheers. Now have a division of each side for ACW

  4. You are flying this year Martin, keep going Sir!

    1. 2nd now, Noel on a mission. Also running out of figures to paint