Friday 18 January 2019

Indian Army Finished

The great joy of the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge is I get to complete full armies, I'm actually running out of figures in the lead mountain and space to store them.
I'm been painting a classical Indian army I got for Christmas. It was 2nd hand Essex miniatures army and about 1/2 price of equivalent army from Forged in Battle. Figures not as good but there are many of them.


Massive Chariots

More massive chariots

Maiden Guard - need more of these

Warriors with massive swords


Whole army

Right wing


Left wing

Also painted a fiddler

I've also painted a 40mm naked Athena by Hasslefree

Don't usually paint naked chicks

Been a quiet couple of weeks gaming wise but have a massive game next weekend. I've done a lot of shopping and will post those when they all arrive, including a light box so that I may be able to take decent photos

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