Friday 7 December 2018

Onwards and upwards

Even more painting done. Really cleaning out the partially painted stuff and have found more to do. In the mood now so hopefully a good weekend of painting, nothing else to do. But for now I have done this
Union ACW regiment. Picked these up at the Border Reiver show couple of years ago. 30 x 28mm Old Glory figs for about £20. Not the best figures but it's another regiment to add to the vast ACW collection (got some limbers to assemble next)

The thing I hate most about Vallejo paints is that I always squeeze out too much paint. Not wanting to waste it I have used it to paint the following modern figs. i had these set aside for the challenge and even for the bonus rounds. Luckily I have more. These are Empress and lovely figs

The search has found some more figs to paint and to assemble. What a bloody annoying hobby!

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