Saturday 11 August 2018

Finished the Amera Buildings

Typing quickly as Amera Plastic Mouldings has given me a shout out on their Facebook page for the painting I did of their really cool Nissen (Quonset) hut. Their last shout out broke the record for hits on my modest blog, which was nice.Those who frequent this page, "we few, we happy few" that my painting is of a fun standard, I'm a professional geologist not a painter.
I've finished 4 of the 5 buildings I bought from them

3 North African houses. I used mount board on the bases to give a little more rigidity. I mixed fine sand with emulsion paint (Wilko tester pots are keeping terrain painting alive and affordable). I then painted 2 of them with more emulsion paint (retro ochre) and then dry brushed. The darker coloured  house on the left was coated in sand the same way and then sprayed with Montana Gold Sand coloured spray paint. Hobbycraft have a deal of 4 cans for £20 (50% off) actually then don't but they forgot to take the sign down so I got them anyway for £20

Overall I'm pleased with these, they feel the right size with walls the correct thickness.

Next up the building that started this whole thing off, the Nissen hut, I really like this building and it was the reason I went to the Amera site in the 1st place, that and they are local to me in Prudhoe. Good to support the local economy

This was spray painted olive green after sticking on a card base. Don't forget to scuff up the glued surface if using PVA. I then washed if with a thin brown wash (Wilko Java Bean - have I mentioned Wilko already)

Windows are just painted black and window frames added in my trademark wonky style

This will be great for VBCW action, my favourite 

Overall I'm really pleased with these and can't recommend Amera enough. Now what I really need from then are waterline versions of their boats

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