Sunday 20 August 2017

Partizan part 1

The other Partizan was today and me, Dave Docherty and James MacMillan went down yesterday to savour the delights of Newark. Great night out and today we fought a great Sudan game. More of that in the week but today the loot.

Warlord Games Naval section. Great for VBCW and possibly Matt's sealion campaign

the smallest pre order ever, £1.35 from Col Bill. 4 X 6mm tanks

6mm Leven buildings for my team yankee project.
6mm walls and fields from Cortani and Tree Fellers
38 X 28mm ACW from Old Glory for £20 - bargain
Velociraptors and a Nanotyranosaur - just for the sake of it.
steel paper and magnetic tape for basing. Cortani
and finally George Orwell SCW figure

Great time and I will post the AAR soon

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