Thursday 25 May 2017

Club project and a broken car

On holiday all week and despite the fantastic time at Partizan it's all gone Pete Tong.
1st up the good stuff. The Old Guard have a group 10mm ACW project and I've finished my infantry. Some dodgy photos but here they are

These are not French Zouaves but the 79th New York - Cameron Highlanders. They fought in tartan trews. I'm not painting 10mm tartan. They look OK, I tweaked the kepis into Kilmarnock hats, but the trousers are a little baggy

Infantry advancing through a cornfield

Firing Line

Couple of spare Colonels

I have a spare command stand but luckily I have loads of Danes from 1864 with identical uniforms. Unluckily they are on the wrong size bases. Luckily I don't really care and will just stick some card under them

The whole brigade, I based them with 4, 5 or 6 to a base

On my way down to Partizan my ABS warning light came on, car still worked and more importantly so did the brakes. A quick check and the top five reasons we all minor Got home and phoned the garage on Monday. They came and collected it on Wednesday. They still have it and the reason that the sensor wasn't working was the bearings had gone on the drive shaft and wobble had shaken the sensor free. £500. This has been a very expensive month and it's not over

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