Wednesday 16 November 2016

More Tiny Prussians

I'm continuing with the 10mm 1864 Prussians. These are the 13th Infantry Regiment. They are made up of 3 battalions of 1000 men each, although only 2 would have gone on campaign. The opposing Danes fielded 2 battalions of 800 men each. So at 1:50 scale the Prussians have 5 bases of 4 men, this doesn't quite tally with 4 companies of 250 men but it will do.
I enjoyed painting these, even the red trim on the trousers, although the moustaches were beyond me. The tiny scale is beyond the scope of my camera focus.


Hand painted flag

My order from Newline came today

Ancient slaves and merchants

10mm ACW regiment - ideal for the Danes

Artillery, little large and out of date but can convert into suitable field pieces

Have fun 

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