Tuesday 26 April 2016

New Toys and Buildings

Still not in the mood for painting but I have been busy. I've started to rebuild the lead mountain and received this in the post today from Arcane Scenery,which is pretty impressive as I ordered it at 11.00pm on Sunday. They are an on line retailer with a nice selection

A 13lb WW1 field gun for VBCW, a couple of figures of Gonville Bromhead (fact and fiction) and a plantation owner and slaves. The Slave owner is being carried in a litter and I'm starting to amass a collection of nice individual figures and vignettes to practice my painting skills on instead of painting armies.
I've also been scratch building some buildings (terrible sentence) using doors and windows from Warbases.

My buildings tend to look rickety and as I struggle with crafting precision So I let it be my style. The brick sheets are free to download from Paperbrick.
I've also build some large African huts out of 3L Diet Coke bottles

cut the top off

Cover with Papier Mache and add a card cone top

Add entrance and thatch with sisal. Paint with tester pots. Nee a bit more work but these are very large. I've been banging on to the students about putting a scale marker on all your photographs. Obviously I forgot. Do as I say not as I do, but the doors are 30mm. A bit more work on these but pretty close
I ordered some Eureka Figs from fighting 15s with an 8-10 week lead time last week and they got dispatched today, which was nice. That's 3 parcels I have in the post. Think that should tide me over until Partizan on 22nd May.

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