Saturday 12 March 2016

Albanich 2016

I went to Albanich today in Dumfries. I'd never been to Dumfries before - the one way system is epic. The show is small - dozen traders and 8 demonstration games. Matt Crump put on a VBCW game and as I've been following his spring offensive campaign on his blog I thought I'd go along. It's less than 2 hours across the thin bit of UK.
Before I went I'd emailed Stu at Col Bills as I had 67 28mm imperial Romans to sell. Stu gave me £47 store credit for the figs so I bought all of this for £10

Jetties, water tower and bases

French Foreign Legion - my favourite Airfix figs from my youth

Toffee Apple Mortar, 10 mina stone thrower, Greek General and Hannibal

I also bought some British marines by Studio. These are great and i have wanted them for ages

I was on a roll now so I also bought

MBM terrain bits

Warbases paint rack

Warbases buildings

The games were the usual standard - couple of Sci Fi ones that I don't really get, a strange Fitzcarraldo river battle - 1 raft moving down rive being shot at by natives with bows and then repeating, didn't get this one either.
There was a To the strongest game which looked great

Too the Strongest

Rommel takes Tobruk

17thC religious wars.

Finally Matt's game. This was a fantastic looking table. The battle was fought using Bolt Action rules and they appear to work well

All in all a good day. I was planning to give To the Strongest a trial tomorrow but I feel the call of VBCW and I need to tweak the rules

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