Sunday, 17 June 2018

Some kinda milestone

So it's 3.00am and I'm wide awake. Curry celebration for fathers day has not agreed with me and so I'm having a trawl on line and noticed a couple of things.
Firstly this is my 251st post on the blog and if you ignore russian spam bots about 50000 hits on the blog. That's 200 per post. All since April 2015, approx 160 weeks so about 1.6 posts per week.
I ve noticed a few things over the last few years
1. Wargames are lovely
2. I've stopped solo gaming, wargames are friendly
3. My painting is loads better than it was
4. My blogging rate has slowed down and is a function of my painting rate. Summer, the world cup and PUBG are to blame. Winner winner chicken dinner. Do like PUBG, 1st game I've been addicted to in 10 years.
5. I've played some awesome games, both fun and beautiful.
6. Matt stomps all over me at KoW, otherwise I do Ok in the gaming front,  lose some, win some and generally  have fun.
7. I enjoy reading blogs but don't always reply, I feel the need to say something different each time and I can't always find my thesaurus
 I would like to thank all my dear readers, hope you enjoy my ramblings. See you at a show some time

Sunday, 3 June 2018

The battle of Le Petit-Clelland - I'll be fine I have a PIAT

Brilliant day's gaming today at Dave's with Dave and James. We fought the imaginary D-Day battle of Le Petit-Clelland. The British Paras (me) had to capture the town and bridges and hold until relieved by Dave's American Armoured Division. James played the Germans and explained the rules again and again and again.

Le Petit-Clelland

Bocage country through which the Americans have to advance

Yip - Bocage

I had 3 para platoons, a para assault platoon, Vickers HMG platoon and a 3" mortar platoon. I would arrive on turn 1 (1st 3 turns are night) at random locations around the village with the infantry. Mortars and HMGs plus other infantry would arrive when I have collected enough green tiddly winks by moving over them. 1 tiddly wink = 1 unit (para platoon is 5 tiddly winks).1st platoon to East. 

2nd platoon and para assault to SW

3rd platoon and commander to west

I immediately assault the town 

Germans are covering this wooden bridge

I take the 2 nearest houses and a 75mm AT gun in my assault. Awesome

In hte centre the Germans have gotten organised and have repelled my charge.

AAA on other side of river and 2 of the buildings are chock full of Jerry.

My 1st lot of reinforcements arrive - 2 infantry squads and a Vickers

On the other side of the river as I move my 1st platoon around the flank a German platoon arrives

My mortars arrive

Americans start to arrive and are facing 4x105mm guns dug in in front of the town

Back on the East my 1st platoon assaults the germans 

And sees them off

Looking good. I own the south of the river and am in a good flanking position

The Americans and moving forward. What could go wrong?

Everything. 5 (FIVE) PzIV rock up to my rear. I have a couple of PIATs, some gammon bombs and well some tea. This is horrible. This is the first time I've fought my paras and they are going the way of all 1st use armies.

In the nick of time my final reinforcements arrive in the path of the 5 (still FIVE) PzIV, 2 infantry sections, 2 knee mortars and 2 PIATs. That'll help. James and Dave have been taking the piss about my PIATs and I don't blame them - I was being vainglorious.

Maybe the Americans can help - their recon squads have been blown up though

My flanking 1st platoon is continuing to move round the town and spots an AT gun, kills it. Maybe I can work out how it works and wheel it back to kill the PzIV

Germans advance and my PIATs are waiting. if this doesn't work I'm going to wee in their fuel tanks. I pop up smoke and separate out the 1st 2 tanks from the rest. My 1st PIAT fires and hits the farm behind the tank. I start to unbutton my fly. Bladder full. penis ready.

But the 2nd one smacks home and blows it sky high. Marvellous. Puts penis back in trousers, dressing to the left.

From cover my infantry squad attacks the lead tank with gammon bombs and blows that up. Tanks halted. Now where are the Americans.

Ah, more german reinforcements  - Stugs - facing of the Americans

I say facing off, I mean blowing up Shermans.

1st platoon has reach the town and is successfully assaulting the remaining defenders - mortars and HMG fire have whittled them down

The Americans send for a shiny plane and take out a Stug

Nice closing shot. Lots of Paras vs 3 tanks.

The Brits control both bridges when the Americans rock up. Obviously and crushing American victory. 

Brilliant game well hosted by Dave and run by James. I appear to have won. Medals will be awarded and nobody will take the piss out of PIATs again.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Pontic Army - Part 2

My painting of my 15mm Pontic Army by Forged in Battle. They are a joy to paint but I think I've bought loads and loads, only 30% through them.

6 stands of Thurophoroi, 3 for Impetus etc. Mainly same uniform. Mithridates VI was very rich and could afford a well equipped force. Also like units with same uniform

Bases are 40x40 with 4 figs per base


Loving these figures

Galatians - mad, bad and dangerous to know. Wading through the bodies of their vanquished.

5 figs per base - these are definitely assault troops

Back to PUBG - years since I've played a decent computer game and this is great.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Crash at Seven Pines

Today I went over to Matt's dungeon for another massive ACW battle. This time we were recreating the battle of Seven Pines in 1862. The day started ignominiously as my foot slipped of the brake onto the accelerator as i was parking and I drove into the back of Matt's car - Mortified but no real damage.
On to the battle - it was another massive one with 20 infantry regiments aside plus cannon and cavalry. we were using Matt's reinvention of Bolt Action rules and they worked really well. Infantry run off as a result of casualties and return when rallied - very much in line with the ACW. Activation was by the dice bag and we had more units than dice meaning that you had to be a proper general and manage your forces. They are great rules.
Right are you sitting comfortably, this was a 7 hour battle

The 11ft by 5 ft battle field. I'm union on the right and have to defend the 7 Pines cross roads. I only have 2 brigades with another at the top. I am outnumbered by Matt's rebel scum. We both have 3 brigades as reinforcements and Matt has to capture the cross roads.

The cross roads, i have taken up defensive position behind the snake fencing

Entering from the North my brigade. if i can find room I can bring on 3 more regiments - I never found room

Crossroads facing 2 brigades (1 1/2) of seasoned troops with a couple of veteran regiments against my regulars

My left flank, couple of regiments and cannon. The rebels have advanced through my camp and I'm to hold the line and prevent a disaster

I advance a small cavalry unit as the Rebels advance on the right

THIS IS GOING TO BE BAD. Matt has brought everybody

"Gentlemen. Prepare to defend yourselves" 

There are more

Neat Rebel lines advance

Te view down the line was awesome, we kept stopping and staring

Just in time my 1st brigade of reinforcements arrives

Matt has brought forward his cavalry to counter mine but the lack of dice makes them mainly observers

The rebels close in the centre

We face each other off  on the right

Matt's cavalry get off some potshots of enfilading fire - double pins to a unit - nice rule

My 2nd reserve brigade arrive

Fire from my centre has caused chaos amongst Matt's rebels and as a result only a single regiment meets my line and destroys my cannon

Matt's 2nd reserve brigade arrive on the right

In a reckless move I advance 2 regiments up the road to face the enemy in march column, can't fire and crap at fighting

In the centre Matt's regiment has routed but he has re-ordered his lines

On the left I have a severely battered regiment holding the line as the reserves come up in the nick of time

On the right I have routed a regiment through the reserves inflicting a pin on all of them. I use the opportunity to advance - seems like a good idea

I bring up my cannon and Matt is pretty much buggered on the right as I pour it on

In the centre Matt has mad the fence. This is going to to tight

Worse yet my left has started to crumble

The 2 units in march column have deployed in line a and pouring enfilading fire in 2 directions, it is very effective in the centre and Matt's attack stalls

 The final positions

The right - all me. I have 1 routing unit but Matt has little left. I still have 3 regiments to bring on

The centre. Matt is still at the fence but only has 2 units not routing

The left. Matt has won here but won't get to the crossroads.

Brilliant battle and a minor victory for the Union. The rules work very well indeed and could be the best I've played. Quick (I know 7 hours but it was a vast battle) and with the proper feel for the period.