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Saturday, 17 October 2020

Of Caravans and Psychopaths

Carry me caravan, take me a away

Take me to Portugal, take me to Spain

Andalusia with fields full of grain 

A couple of weeks ago, before covid ended fun again, I played a really great El Cid game with Matt. I had a few Moors and a couple of cavalry units that would pass as Andalusians. The enemy were Normans (we both have loads). I lost but it was a blast and so I wanted some more. A quick trip to Colonel Bills and I bought some Andalusians

The whole force, don't need loads as they were only ever allies, for both sides

crossbowmen - jolly deadly

Cavalry - these are actually Carolingians 

Regiment of spearmen

Da boss. This is a nice vignette with his servants carrying his arour and weapons


Another cav unit

That is the cavaran bit done (The Doors in case you hadn't worked it out)

Now for the psychopaths. So I have some Moors / Arabs and I bought some more which will appear at a later date. What else to do with them. I've always wanted a Templar army. They look cool and were proper nutters

I had a few suitable knights that needed repainting

I ordered some mounted knights and Turopoles and I've converted a some figures from the bits box to give me some more knights. Will need some foot soldiers, already have some pilgrims

Keep safe

Sunday, 4 October 2020

The Seven Years War

 I've completed my &YW armies. I know everybody says that and then buys shed loads more but look at what i've got and then say I need more.

This all started with a 10mm display game at Battlegrouhd show in 2018. Stafoord Wargamers had recreated Blenheim in 10mm and it looked fab. Matt decided to start a 10mm 7YW collection of Prussians and Austrians. Always up for something new I decided to join him. I initially started with Brunswickers but realised that they fought in the West against the French and not in the East against the Austrians - nowt like a good bit of research. Luckily the Brunsickers were generally dressed like Prussians so were an easy change to Prussians.

Once I'd moved to the Eastern front I decided to build the armies from the 1st major lind battle of the war, the Battle of Lobositz. Nominally a Prussian victory as the Austrians retired but in reality the Austrians built a roadblock to stop Frederick and when they had done that, and given him a bloody nose, they retired.

It's a pretty big battle with 28,500 Prussians vs 35,000 Austrians. The Kronoscaf website is a fantastic resource. So I bought the figures from Pendraken, there are some Old Glory infantry (don't like them), and artillery (they are great and they are cheap and you don't need to buy the limber like the Pendraken ones). The Pendraken stuff is amazing, massive fan.

Today I finished the last units

Both armies. Prussians on the right, Austrians on the left. An infantry regiment is 30 figures on 2 battalion sized bases (30mmx60mm). Ratio is about 50:1. Each regiment has a separate battalion gun. A cavaly regiment is 6 squadrons on 3 30x60mm bases (the area occupied is the same as an infantry battalion. 

Prussians. The Prussian army is slightly larger than the one at Lobositz to make the forces more balanced for future games

Combined Grenadiers and fusiliers

Infantry close up. All the Prussians have blue flowers on base (obviously as these were the last painted unit - von Winterfeldt - I forgot the flowers). 

The Austrians

The infantry

The heavy artillery

Close up of the infantry with white flowers

So that is the end of a project. I've repurposed some 6mm buildings for terrain (10mm buildings look at little too big and it's not an army that is going to fight in buildings).
A project completed. Now rest. Actually now work out some rules, Black powder takes too long, not tried General d' Armee, but have a plan or rules that will enable me to control a whole army quickly and not get bogged down in counters and factors. 
Right time for the next project - I've got about 1500 x10mm Italian wars figures. Landsknechts in 10mm, deep joy - will need more yellow and red paint.

Saturday, 26 September 2020


 Hey, hope you are all well. I've been busy. I'd run out of space to store toy soldiers so I've been having a clear out and selling some stuff on ebay. I've sold my team yankee 6mm british army for about what I paid for it, painted it for fun. I am now selling off my pirate collection. Many years ago, when I had just got back into the hobby and had no clue what i was doing (like now), I bought a pirate army from Wargames foundry. They are lovely figures and I enjoyed painting them but there were about 250 figures - enough to raid Panama City - and what the hell do you do with that many pirates. So they have sat painted and unloved for over 10 years. Some I'm selling them on ebay in groups of 20 - who the hell else would want 250 pirates. Have a few other things to sell which will free up space and give me spending money to fill that space up. The ebay auction thing is quite exciting as a seller, I find it very annoying as a buyer.

Annoyingly as it's my 1st ebay sale they are holding onto the money for 3 weeks hust to check I'm not a dodgy geezer.

Speaking of freeing up space I've bought loads of things. My ACW order from Northstar is stuck at the casters, my Pendraken 10mm Italian Wars order will by my christmas present, my Wargames foundry Greek Mythology order will be my mother's christmas present - she has a thing for Greek mythology and me making presents for her lets her think I'm still 8 and 1/4. Hopefully my Col Bills Andalusians will come soon, that is Matt's fault as I really enjoyed our El Cid game on Saturday, Matt's write up is here 

Enough waffling. Dave gave me some Foundry gladiators and I've painted them up

I loved painting these using the Vallejo washed

They have come out really well

and may be some of my favourite figures

shame I've no clue what to do with them

Stay safe, I've got to spend the next week telling 18 year old not to mingle with eachother, get drunk and have sex with assorted other 18 year olds. Wish me luck

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Painting Catch Up

 Checking back through my blog posts I've not published any painting for ages. During lockdown I've done quite a lot, mainly 10mm 7YW and I've nearly finished the Prussians to give me 2 full armies. I'll dedicate a whole blog to them when they are done. Being a butterfly (a lockdown fat butterfly) as I got to the finishing line of the Prussians I immediately felt the urge to paint other stuff.

Matt, one of my enablers, has a large El Cid collection and I have lots of Normans but I had no Moors. Not quite true, I had some poorly painted ones and some Afghans. Dave, another enabler, swapped a Gripping Beast Black Guard Saga warband for my 10mm ACW Union. So I've build a meaningful Moor force. I've been using Vallejho washes and I like them

Gripping Beast 

Westfalia Napoleonic Afghans - lancers with shields. Any period really from 6th century to 19th

Warriors, mix of gripping beast metals and plastics with handful of Old Glory Pathans (see pervious image) 


And again


Archers - Gripping Beast metals and plastics

and again

1 army not enough. Well I've painted another. A few months ago Gripping Beast had sale where you could buy 25 Hun cavalry for £50. Always one for a bargain I bought a set

THe force, nice dark photo

The lancers

1 unit of archers

And another
Really enjoyed painting these, nice figures with dynamic poses.

Bored yet. Don't care, cos i also painted some gangsters. I had such a great time playing the gangster game with Dave that I bought some. I already have loads of 1930's armed civilians from VBCW, think I will be playing Peaky Blinders.
But I needed some more so I went shopping to Dixon's and Tsuba (via Empress)

Tongs - Tsuba. Like the Chinatown idea. Lovely figs

The Bailey Street Garage Boys. For all your chop shop needs

Barrow Gang

Long arm of the law.

My lead pile is now severely dented. 5 regiments of 10mm Prussians to paint and some odds and sods. Then it is all 10mm Italian Wars. Painting 10mm Landsknechts, yes I am an idiot. Could be worse I could be trying to reopen a University during a pandemic with rising cases. No wait, I'm doing that as well.

Saturday, 29 August 2020

The Battle of Shiloh

 For the 1st time since about February I went over to Matt's for a game. Normally we play in the dungeon (cellar) on an 8x5 table. But with social distancing this would be problematic. However Matt has a new toy

He has a new shed, I say shed but it is more like a cricket pavillion and it easily holds a 12x6ft table. It's a really nice structure and fab for playing on a sunny summer day. Being the last weekend in August is is cold and cloudy.
We decided to go big and combine out ACW collections to fight the action around the crossroads at Shiloh. Overall there were 20 brigades and approx 1000 28mm figures on the table. We used our bolt action ACW variant which works very well.

The table was too big to get it all on a photo.

I was the confederates and generally have poor morale. My job was to attack, attack, attack. THe Union forces were battle hardened wit better morale

The Union wasusing hidden deployment with cards locating the regiments, some were blanks.

THe only plan therefore was to advance and find him. I rolled each turn to spot units, I only passed one of these so Matt appeared when he wanted to

Advancing past the abandoned Union camps

The Union camp has food, booze and boots so obviously the rebels kept stopping to have a look. THis really broke up my advance. Also historically the Confederates suffered badly from friendly fire, mainly cos some of them work blue uniforms. SO once per turn a unit, Matt's pick, to recieve an random number of pins and casualties. THis was also a little annoying

Artillery is generally not very effective in the rules. Not today. I haven't moved and Matt has routed a regiment from cannon fire

On the right as I advance the 1st Union division appears

On the left a few units appear

THe advance continues

Long distance shooting on the right is gradually thining out both sides, I am weak here

Back on the left the Union cards are nearly all blank.This is the way in. I can smash Matt's right and roll him up

The centre is also fairly weak. Let's smash that as well

Here we go

The field in the middle is difficult swampy terrain, keep out. THis will cause traffic jams

On we push

THe last turn, 8 hours later. I've not quite made it. The Union right is basically gone, the centre is at best about to collapse and I'm mob handed in both areas and will therefore force him to retreat away to the right. HTis is what happened in real life, the Union counterattacked, pushed the Rebels back and them the Rebels attacked again and won the day.
A brilliant game, the rules work well but we never quite finish, always too many forces. Great to see Matt again