Sunday 8 May 2016


I've spent the last week building a large Viking Mead Hall for Blood Eagle. The Raudrholl (Red Hall)

As you can see it's pretty big (300mm long by 240 wide).The main body of the hall is made from card (I use the covers of ring binders - it's generally good quality and I have an unlimited supply). The walls are then covered in strips of thin index card to simulate planking. The thatch is an old cushion cover.

I hand carved the Dragon heads and may add some more

The hall has a stone floor and a podium at the far end. I decorated it with shields and banners

The walls have 2 balconies that are accessed from behind the throne (a good place to put archers). The cardboard walls are attached to a frame of 18mm wooden batons that act as the pillars and the support for the balconies.

Although my crafting skills are not the highest  but overall I'm pretty pleased with it. It will make a good place to fight Grendel.
Off to Partizan on 22nd - my first major show. Let me know if you are going and want to meet. PanzerKaput has suggested a 12.00 meet 

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