Friday 20 May 2016

Battle of Lindesfarne - VBCW AAR

It feels like I've been planning a VBCW battle on Lindesfarne and I finally got round to it this week. Lindesfarne (Holy Island) is an island off the coast of Northumberland linked by a tidal causeway. Historically is is very important as the monastery was the site of the first Viking raid on England in 793.

The Scenario

Whilst Lord Percy is trying to gain control of the south of the county the Anglican League has risen up and taken control of Lindesfarne and the nearby village of Belford blocking the Great North Road and cutting the county in half. Percy Doesn't have the resources to launch an attack but luckily his cousin Cecile is off the coast with a force of German sailors. He radios her and the Germans invade. This is a very risky strategy as foreign intervention, especially German, could cause the county to rise up against him.

The Battle

The Germans launch an amphibious assault supported by artillery from her ship the Valkyrie. 

The battle field

The Germans arrive on the beach

Mortars in a walled garden

Armed Monks

Local Militia

Machine gun nest guarding the beach

The battle began with the Germans landing on the beach and firing smoke on the MG nest. A direct hit enables the Germans to land with only mortar fire at them

Before the smoke cleared the Germans had left the beach and were assaulting the mortar position

Direct hits from the mortars started to thin out the Germans

OUT OF AMMO. The Mortar crews flee - I forgot to arm most of them

The 1st squad of Germans takes cover as the militia make for the field and the MG moves out of the bunker to enable it to fire on the Germans.

The 2nd squad of Germans advances on the Militia and an exchange of fire continues with both sides taking heavy casulaties

The 1st squad of Germans is routed by a cross fire from the Monks, HMG and the militia

The Militia are destroyed, as is the MG leaving the outgunned Monks alone. They are quickly routed and the Germans win the day.

Percy has rung the bell and the Germans must quickly capture Belford and open the route between the North and South before the Northumbrians realize what is going on.

This was an enjoyable battle, although most of the terrain was superfluous. I added many tweaks to my rules and will post them later.
Partizan on Sunday, never been and quite excited. I've been saving up so I expect to buy lots of shinies. It is the 1st Northern Bloggers meet at 1 at the VBCW forum and the Snow Lord is coming. Will be nice to pay homage.

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