Sunday 22 May 2016

Partizan Shinies and the Northern Blogger meet

It was Partizan today and I spent a bloody fortune, see below. It was the meeting of the Northern Bloggers. Obviously I only took 1 photo as I was too vain not to be in the others, pop over to Wargaming Girl where Tamsin will not doubt post a full rogues gallery

Ian  (blog with no name) showing Curt (the Snowlord) some beautiful but ridiculously small ancient Macedonians (I think, there was much muttering about glasses from the masses)

I took some photos of the many beautiful games but didn't actually play. I will post these separately. The reason is that I went shopping, and boy did I go shopping.

90cm of resin wooden plank fences for £5.50 (I also bought 5 D10 for £1 from these guys but I assume you know what they look like. They are a nice shade of blue)

"British" Colonial infantry (£5). Only they aren't British as they have funny Pith helmets with a large crest (see below)

Who are they? Gordon this is 1 for you

Naval Ratings (£5) will work for colonial and VBCW

Egyptian sarcophagus (2 part - £1)

VBCW huntsman with sword and infantry with Boyes ATR (50p each)

ACW gun crew (50- each) Have the barrels, need the wheels and will make the carriages to give me 4 more cannon

French Indian Wars figs (again 50p each)

Female Bolsheviks and Colonial heroines from Bad Squiddo

Dad Army from Wargames Foundry

Naval gatling Gun, Naval command and 2 packs of Beja on camels from Perry via Dave Thomas

Ninja and Pathan (50p each again)

Rorkes Drift Cookhouse and ACW gun crew from Col Bill

Book for my Dad

Stuff to stop them falling over

Egyptian statues and mine ore carts 

12 palm trees from Tree Fellas (I was planning to make some but this lot were only £10 and it would cost me more to make them)

I did a lot of rummaging and the bag was heavy but I had a really great day. Would have loved to have gone to the pub with Curt, and I should have, but it was 3 hours home and I was spent up.

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