Sunday 12 January 2020

Some Normandy Action

Today me, James, Dave and Ian fought a D-Day+1 SS counterattack against a dug in but understrength Canadian infantry company. Whilst not a truely istorical battle, James as always based it as close to an action as possible. I was in overall command

The battlefield - 12ftx6ft

I had the crossroads, 1 platoon in the buildings, 2x3inch mortars and 2x6lb AT

Ian had the right with a platoon in and around a walled farmhouse

Dave had the left, another inf platoon and couple of Vickers, Ian and I have 1 each

The germans arrive - platton of infantry in Hanomags approaches Dave

I have a platoon of Hanomags and 2 Panthers advancing towards me - wich is lucky as we have nothing at all that can even scratch the front paint of a Panther

But we will be fine as Ian has 3 more Panthers facing him

The germans debus and assaults Dave. It is a close run thing

But Dave kills them and the bug out

The germans inthe centre advance enter the edge of the cross roads. I drop smoke

One of the Panthers advances and I open fire with a 6lb in it's flank. Miss and it kills by 6lb. This is going very well

The german infantry swings to our right and debuses. We have artillery. Our 105s are stuck on the beach but we have contact with HMS Belfast and it's 6" guns. Well we would have if we could get our radio to work. Luckily we do and I clobber the germans in the woods

Which is good because the next wave of germans arrives - loads of PzIV

Just in time so do ours - 2x6lb AT - great

and 2 M10s, now these can kill Panthers but as they are made of chipboard they need to shoot 1st

The germans have advance towards Ian and his PIAT pops out, opens fire and does sod all

Still better than mine in the wrecked building who refuses to move

More reinforcements - some shermans and 2x17lb AT - now we are talking

James' infantry keeps trying to advance but this happens a lot

James' Panthers advance and take out one of M10s

However the 17lb ATs take out 2 of the Panthers and stop him dead onthe right

The PzIVs advance through the orchard and my 6lb reinforcements kill them with menaces

I have 2 more M10s and at the crossroads the PzIVs advance and I kill them

Even a PIAT hidden in the village pops up and takes out a PzIV
That we it, James had no on map infantry and only a handfullof tanks left.

We still held all the objectives and had only lost 25% of our infantry and a couple of tanks.

It was a fantastic game, James runs these really well and they are great fun. it was a tricky battle and could have easily gone tits up.


  1. Replies
    1. we always have great looking games, James and Dave's fault

  2. Great looking game and fab table. What scale are the toys?

    1. cheers. 15mm, tays all James' and terrain James and Dave. There is loads of both

    2. 15mm Peter, using FoW v4 as a basis.

  3. Glad you enjoyed yourself Martin - just adds to the list the number of things I want to get painted. Shame it also doesn't add the time!

    It was your 3" mortars that got the infantry by the crossroads.

    1. was a good battle. I recall just randomly calling for artillery

  4. Replies
    1. cheers, I just rocked up and killed Nazis

  5. Look and sounds like a great game.

  6. It was a good day out ... felt a long time since we did one o fthese - and I guess it was... !

  7. Replies
    1. really good, not quite a close run thing but close enough

  8. Now that's a proper game. Very impressive.

  9. Replies
    1. cheers, do like playing WW2 with the guys

  10. Good looking game Martin......👍

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