Sunday 18 September 2016

Good Fences make Good..erm Terrain Features

The Analogue Hobbies Community webchats have been somewhat inspirational, although I couldn't make the connection work today with Paul down under. I could see him and listen to him playing Prince but he couldn't see or hear me - or I'm just not interesting enough.
I have been painting a lot of terrain

1st up some wooden fences for my African village. These are made from sticks in the garden

I added some lichen, again from the garden.

All villages need an entrance and I carved these to massive tusks out of  some more sticks, I appear to love whittling.

The African Tribe are Les Cheveaux Rouge (The Red Skulls) - one of those Boys Own tribes full of terrible rites and cannibalism. The skulls are 10mm resin beads I bought from China on e bay. £1.49 for 40 with free postage. An unbelievable price. Luckily post Brexit we will have free trade with China so that we can export all our manufactured goods to them. No wait that is bollocks, we make nothing they want at the price we would sell it. Sorry for swearing but I'm still in post Brexit shock and it's not getting better. 

Couple of piles of logs, sticks and lichen - notice a theme here

I've painted up the Irregular Miniatures pigs - more like hogs although I don't really know the difference

Steel Railings. I've had these for ages but not got round to painting them. 

There are 2 types, both for railways and they look pretty good.

Have a good weekend 

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