Saturday 24 September 2016

All Along the Watchtower

I have fought a very brief and bloody battle, post later or tomorrow. I have done loads of stuff though. I've been trying to get my painting going but not really in the mood. I have painted this Mayan warrior that I picked up at the Border Reiver show for £1.

This figure clearly demonstrates why I paint lots of figures. I really tried to take my time with this and really up my painting standard and it's turned out fine but it is no better than my normal standard - I like to think I paint to a good wargaming standard and I'm normally pretty proud of the output. If I wasn't happy then I'd take up gardening. Whilst i think I am constantly improving, I have plateaued. My standard is about this level no matter how many I paint, sometimes a little better sometimes a little worse. Looks like another points record for the challenge.
Enough therapy. Mainly I've been building watchtowers from card, garden cane, coffee stirrers

I built 4 of these

The walls I made ages ago

Now it's a fort - nice.

From the left over ends I made some fences

I went to the market to buy a painting for my Dad's birthday and found this. A road roller for £3. very VBCW

Finally on my way home I noticed that a new Hobbycraft superstore had opened so I popped in and bought a rubber cliff mould and some plaster of paris

Off to build a big hill now

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