Wednesday 24 August 2016

Westfalia Miniatures are Fantastic

During the last Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge I was privileged to win a prize from Westfalia Miniatures. I didn't at the time do Napoleonic figures and this is their speciality. I was looking for some Arab types to flesh out my colonial troops and they do have Napoleonic Afghan and Persian types. So with a prize of £75 in hand I purchased £100 worth of figures.
There was a glitch in that the order didn't get processed properly and so didn't arrive. My communications with Kawe at Westfalia were great and we finally got to the bottom of the problem last week.
The figures arrived today and they are just fantastic, I mean I am really really pleased with them.

The pile, the box was heavy

Wheels, i have lots of Perry ACW barrels and lots of artillery men but no carriages. Wheels first then Balsa

Afghan Cavalry with muskets - these will work from 1750 onwards anywhere. I have 4 packs of these

Persian Lancers - 600 AD onwards. 2 packs of these

Afghan Command set

Cantiniere - somebody painted one of these for the challenge a couple of years ago and i loved it. My turn now.

That gives me 28 cavalry. I can't thank Westfalia enough. I will be back now that I have a Napoleonic British force to build.
Will probably go on line for a chat tonight if any one is around

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