Sunday 7 August 2016

Retro painting

First week back at work, actually OK and there are major changes taking place so it's an exciting time and opportunity to continue my quest for power.
Not done much, had to go the pub twice and Friday was the departmental BBQ so I was spectacularly drunk, it's expected of me.
I have spent most to the week preparing a dastardly VBCW Fascist army for the invasion of Cumbria. I been invited over by Matt Crump to play in the Dungeon. It'll be my first proper battle against another living being for over 20 years and I'm excited to be invited over.
I have painted 3 of the retro figures I picked up last week, although my mojo is a little off, summer not good for painting.
First up is the female rogue trader figure on the jet bike. This was nice to paint

 Next was an African slave. Not a good figure, looks like a blow up doll, and the paint job is very basic.

 Finally a wizard, lighting has buggered up the shading but my lighting rig is packed away.

Enjoy the Olympics, I am. 

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