Thursday 11 August 2016

Lord Percy's Crisis

Lord Percy smashed his swagger  stick hard on the map table making his commanders jump and sending a glass of claret over the map of Northumberland, stainting it red.  "We are not winning this war! This is not acceptable. My family has ruled this land for centuries and I will not fail them now when victory is in my grasp. There are 19999 people watching,  even some Russian machines"
"We have put down these bloody monks so that we can crush the miners."
Percy glowed at his cousin Cecile. "My sweet, go and finish what you started and clear the scum from Belford and retake Lindesfarne. Take some artillery with you. No mistakes this time."
"Ridley keep the miners under contol for the moment"
"Now, Captain Smith, our Western flank is not secure and we must keep the Anglican League from joining with the Cumbrians. Take your BUF, the armour and whatever troops you need and secure the approaches from Carlisle. Once our flank is secure return with the armour and we will take Hexham."
"Now is the time. Do not fail me"
Captain Smith left and began to assemble the troops. By Saturday morning they would be on the outskirts of Carlisle.

Saturday I'm off to play with Matt Crump in his dungeon. Battle will be joined. And I've has 20k hits, nearly

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