Wednesday 16 December 2015

Fisherman Blue

Only 3 more sleeps until the Challenge and I've been having a bit of a tidy. I'm trying to get work to throw out a set of drawers that will hold my collection perfectly (>£100 new). If I get it then I will double my storage space. So much for slowing down the buying. Which is good as I've had 5 parcels delivered this week.
I will be publishing  all my painting on the Challenge blog for the next 4 months and will probably repeat them here after the event. If this gets repetitive I may slow the post frequency. The Challenge blog will be updated daily and can be found on my blog list.
I've painted a single figure this week, he is the pump man from the Foundry deep sea divers set, the rest may get an outing over the winter. I turned his left hand round and gave him a rifle from the bits box.

Good luck to all the competitors and if you are a spectator then visit the challenge frequently, my post day is Wednesday under the stewardship of Dave Docherty who will probably paint the most, although Millsy will push him close. I plan to do a Leicester City and start like a hare and then try on hang on to 3rd.
To get you in the mood a song about a dauber.
It is very rare that viewing a picture has the the same effect as the first time you kiss your first love. seeing this in the National Galley did it for me, Wheatfield with Cypresses.


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