Sunday 16 December 2018

Successor Action little bit South of Troy, off the A684

The Old Guard met today for a massive 15mm battle using Hail Caesar. Me, Stig, Pete, John and Stu brought our armies and Angus rocked up as a mercenary general.
We fought Seleucids vs Antagonids with me, Stig and Angus being on one side and the other 3 reprobates the other side.

It was a fairly large affair. This is our centre, Angus, and Stig's left wing, facing John and Pete. 

Stig's force is very cavalry heavy

Pete is a mix of cavalry and elephants

Over onthe right I'm facing Stu. We both have lots of cavalry and while I have some light infantry Stu has elephants and Galatians. I'm out gunned and out matched. This could be tough

John and Pete discuss tactics. John's will be to sit still and wait for others to do the fighting

I advance and my horse archers open up

Stig and Pete both advance and square up to each other

Stig unleashes and scythed Chariot which does bugger all

Stu advances and i fall back. He has moved his medium cavalry and elephants forward against my light cav. A mistake

Stop the presses. John is advancing. All plans are now out of the window

Stig and Pete get to work with a massive melee

Stig wins and Pete is on the ropes

Stu is moving up his medium cav, Galatians and phalanx against my single unit of light infantry. I am Daffy Ducked

Angus advances

On the right it's become a chaotic scene but I've burst through the elephants  and am about to hit Stu in the flank.Better than that Stu charged my light infantry and not only did the buggers stand they forced him to retreat disordered. Next turn my catephracts will do him over

And they do. 1st the medium cavalry go home. If i can smash his flank then I can stop this

THIS. John has launched is scythed chariots and an entire pike block has melted. Angus has charged Johns elite phalanx with Galatians and Basternae and John killed them all without breaking sweat

I'm round the back, Stu's division has broken but the melee in the centre has been brutal and I'm too late, i turn too late

because John is stomping all over Angus

Mass retreat.

We lost, we made loads of mistakes in the rules but by the end had got to grips with it. A fantastic game and a close run thing.
On the other table James and Dave and ian fought a Falaise Pocket battle, looked good but didn't take a photo
It was supposed to be a double gaming weekend but catastrophic weather on Saturday meant that i couldn't get to Matt's dungeon for the Scottish invasion of Cumbria. Very disappointing indeed

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