Sunday 1 October 2017

The Retreat from Fort Mackenzie

Following the burning of Fort MacKenzie the British retreated back down the pass to the safety of their base

The British enter the battlefield from the North and need to cross the ford in the village to the south and get the supply wagon off the the table to the South

As the Bengal Lancers leave the pass a horde of warriors who had raced over the mountain appear near to the mouth of the pass

The British vanguard form a line as the column advances with the wagon which can not stop

The Afghans charge home and a fierce battle ensues.

The British win, just and the column is free to advance

The Bengal Lancers charge a small unit of Afghan cavalry and wipe them out. Across the river another unit a warriors shadows the column

With their side of the river clear the British advance towards the village, watched by a couple of units of Afghans

A second unit of warriors appears behind the column and the surviving Highlanders, who fought so poorly yesterday and bringing up the rear and are ordered to protect the column

The British reach the village

The Highlanders unleash a volley but the Afghans press home. Another bloody fight but the Highlanders win well.

However they are isolated and rifle fire from Afghans in front and freshly arrived irregular cavalry destroy them

The British unlimber their field gun to protect the crossing as the Lancers and a Sikh regiment cross the ford with the wagon. A unit of warriors emerge from the fields near the village and catch the rearmost British regiment in line wiping them out. The situation gets worse as fire from the following units wipes out the gun crew.

The Bengal Lancers face up to the warriors. This should be easy

Disaster. The Afghans clash with the Lancers and utterly destroy them - too many 1s vs too many 6s

The Sikhs form a line to protect the wagon and finish of the Afghans.

The wagon makes it off the table as to the Sikhs but it is a Pyrrhic victory. Over the 2 battles the British lost 6 regiments and only 1 plus a wagon survived. Afghanistan is a terrible place to invade.

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