Tuesday 9 May 2017

Things to fight on and over and in

After a few weeks of working in the evenings I've caught up with my proper job. Now I have some hobby time.
I've been looking at gaming mats but they are stunningly expensive. Whiles walking through Wilko yesterday I spied as dust sheet. Its plastic backed and made of an open cotton weave. It was £10 and best of all it was 12ft by 9ft. So I bought it and trotted off to the art shop to buy some spray paints and started to spray it. I then went back again today to buy some more green. It took 3 cans of green and 1/2 can each of olive green and a light brown

Hanging on the washing ready to paint

Day 1 end, 1/3 painted


The full gloriousness of it. I really like it and hopefully it will work well and not bad for £28.

A few weeks ago I bought 6 mdf buildings from ebay  for about £22. I've painted them up and they look pretty good with a pebbledashed coating

Finally I bought a load of fine grained, firm expanded polystyrene blocks about 4" long for a few pence only

The block

The carve up nicely and make cool walls.

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