Monday 22 May 2017

Partizan Part 2 - The Other Battles

One of the problems with running a demonstration game is that you don't get a lot of time to look around. This is more than off set by the joy of gaming but I didn't get loads of time to look at other stuff. These were the nearby games

Our neighbours, Northern War? I love the river, really well done.

The overall winners, also next door. WW1 battle of Stokes Yard (?). All scratch built terrain. Very nice

Something wet

Kokoda Trail, barking mad terrain



1980's Cold War gone hot river crossing


Poles vs Swedes. The most beautiful figures, lots of Winged Hussars. My favourite to look at by Westbury Wargames Club from leamington
As you can see the standard was very high. Excited by the great reception we recieved I think that Dave is really going to go for it in the future.

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