Monday 22 May 2017

Partizan Part 3 - The Shopping

No convention wouldn't be complete without shopping

Bedford Truck - £12 on ebay, £10 in the show but no instructions

Bases and magnetic tape - Death in the Dark Continent basing to do

The Show freebie - Hemmingway in SCW. I need more incidental figures and this is a great one.

Foundry AWI British high Command - for my challenge with Miles in the next painting challenge

Pulp Figures German Seebattalion, tramp steamer crew (VBCW) and 1930's film crew - more incidental stuff

Last Valley Hedges (£24). need a lot of hedges and these are great

Napoleonic light dragoons for the Old Guard Napoleonic project. Like an idiot I was supposed to get the Hussars but these will be fine

Finally an unexpected song that I found in the cd pile whilst looking for something to drive down to Dave's to. My favourite type, dark, subersive and makes me smile. I may be disturbed

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