Monday 31 October 2016

Shopping and Vampires

It seems appropriate today to show my completed Alnwick Vampires. I've had a busy weekend with friends visiting from the South. A 2 day tour of Newcastle is hard on the legs and the liver.

View of the Tyne from the top of the Baltic Art Gallery

Halloween obviously and I've been done by loads of witches - down to last lollipop

I've bought a lot of things recently

Tynemouth Market - a great source of history books

Diplomatist Books - Edwin has such interesting stuff

Static Grass - Tynemouth Market - £1.75 per bag (should have bought them all)

The Angel Gang - my favourites and only £12.50 (still dear but 1/2 price)

And now back to the Northumbrian Special Constabulary - The Alnwick Vampires. Sorted out the photography

Officers and Miss Mina Harker

All the figures are Empress via Col Bill except Mina Harker who is either Warlord or Copplestone- anyway bought from Dice Bag Lady at Partizan (I think). Not a terribly precise sentence for an engineering scientist.
Been a while since we had some decent music and I heard this today. Love song from my youth

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