Saturday 2 January 2016

What to do on a rainy Saturday in Newcastle

I finished the Zulu Army yesterday and it should appear on the Challenge blog shortly. They have been a chore so I decided to have a day of painting. It has rained all day here so I decided to make some figures. I have over 350g of scrap metal from cleaning swarf etc, from figures and had previously attempted to make some castings using these figures with mixed results.

So I decided to have another go.

The basic figure made from wire and Milliput. No head nor arms and basically a stand to hang the nice stuff from the bits box on.

The crucible on the stove

The plaster moulds on a ceramic tile

A dozen cast figures with flashing and dodgy bases

Cleaned up figures. Schoolboy error, I only had 6 bases

 The figures are dressed in cloaks made from a glasses cleaning cloth and rope 
belts made from thread

Next add heads and arms and spears and shields from the bits box

Use liquid green stuff to hide the joins and Bob's your uncle.

These have come out as desert types but the next batch will be Celts as I have a lot of heads. Generally a pleasant way to spend a day. I will paint them up later for the challenge

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