Tuesday 19 January 2016

Next challenge update

Still leading the way on the Challenge, although a stop for a pie and a pint may be on the horizon.
Starting to focus on the next phase of my winter's painting which is the Punic Wars. I have several 1/2 finished ancients armies and I need more to play with.

Roman cavalry with hand painted octopus shields

Roman hastai with hand painted horse shields

I'm no great free hand artist but I do like painting shields

Next up some Victrix and Wargames Factory Carthaginian (Numidian) skirmishers.

I really like the Victix figures but the Wargames Factory figs are pretty poor

I've also submitted a couple of bonus round figures, a Citadel Orc for the Nostalgia round, although I may repaint him as not happy with the skin tone and the others think that he is playing hockey and needs a head to hit.

Finally the Epic Fail round got General Custer. He failed to obey the 1st rule of life "Don't be a Dick"

This has been stuck in my head for a couple of days - Big Brother

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