Friday, 5 April 2019

Guess What. More ACW?

Yes, more of the same. Now that I have a deadline and final army sizes I've been plodding on with the painting. I had 4 more regiments to paint and some bits and pieces to do.
1st up the 40th New York Regiment

These are Slash and Sabre figures via Col Bill and are great figures, really well animated

60th Georgia - the figures are odds and sods

Rendera ramshackle barn. Purchased for £5 from Hammerhead

Simple building simply painted.

I have enough figures for 1 1/2 more regiments - all obviously union. So I had to buy some more and annoyingly Wayland only had 1 box of Perry plastic Union infantry. These I can make into Confederates but will leave me with an extra regiment left over. This is how you wake up one morning with the entire army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia in your house. Bloody wargaming is a sodding nightmare.
Also seems odd not to add a points tally for the painting at the end of the blog.