Wednesday 24 April 2019

The Seven Years War - Brunswick Army

I've finished my Brunswick 10mm army. I know I've said I've finished things before but these are all the units that fought in the 7 Years War who took to the field. There are several units who never fought and 1 small unit of fusiliers who fought skirmishes but at only 3 companies strong won't work in our planned epic scale.
All the figures are Pendraken and a joy to paint. I've really enjoyed painting them and can't wait to buy more - Hungarians and Prussians.

The whole force, 4 infantry regiments of 2 battalions each, 3 cavalry regiments, 2 combined battalions of grenadiers (in the Prussian style), 6 battalion 3lb guns, 4 mounted officers and Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick.

The officers

Volontaires Auxilaire. These are "Turkish Spahi style" lancers with turbans and fezzes. 

Close up, loving the hooped lances

The battalion guns

The battalion guns pointing in a different direction

von Zastrow regiment

much closer. 

von Behr infantry

less far away

Leib Regiment

and again

von Imhoff Regiment

yip, them again

2 combined grenadier regiments - Leib+Imhoff and Behr +Zastrow. Combined grenadier battalions didn't carry colours

Leib and Imhoff

Behr and Zastrow

von Roth Hussars

Brunswick Dragoons

And again

Really quite chuffed with these, they look great from far away.

Right back to making scenery for Sunday's vast ACW battle - a division a side in 28mm using the rules that Matt made using the Bolt action rules. have made some tweaks to speed up the orders phase - only 1 dice per brigade instead of 1 per unit.


  1. Neat! Not often you see a coherent force of this gang. Nicely done.

  2. Impressive now that didn’t take long at all🙂 hope the ACW goes well sorry I can’t join you.

    1. cheers, regiment per night really. Willpost the AAR for the ACW

  3. What a tremendous achievement Martin!

    1. thank you, only an entire Austro-Hungary army to paint now

  4. Nice army Martin :)

    Now, if only I'd gone for the Brunswickers or one of the other smaller nations rather than the Russians my SYW army would have been finished a long time ago rather than still needing another 9 foot units (19 if I do the Observation Corps, more if I also do some extra converged grenadiers) and some extra Cossacks and more artillery. Maybe this time next year Rodders...

    1. Ta. i did think about the Russians but there are so many of them, and yours are so cool. I am looking forward to the Hungarians though