Wednesday 8 August 2018

Buildings from Amera Plastics

I spied out some 28mm buildings from Amera Plastics on the web, as they are a local company to me and very cheap I ordered some over the weekend and they arrived today. Luckily, or unluckily, I off work due to a weird reaction to my new diabetes meds. I have to take 2 per day for the rest of my life, and they've only given me 7:) I feel very sketchy and keep going to sleep. Hopefully it will pass.
On with the buildings they are simple vac formed plastic but sturdy. They are one piece and require no assembly, well the ones I bought didn't

Large Mayan style pyramid, this is big and should have added a figure for scale. It will double as a pulp pyramid and some darkest Africa ruin. Needs an altar or small building for the top. i have Egyptian and Mayan tomb layouts

I got out the spray paint and it painted up really well. Some dry brushing and sand will make it look really cool

I also got 3 North African buildings, same spray and same dry brushing plus adding windows and doors

Finally a Nissan Hut

Different colour spray paint and add some detaining and we are good to go

Overall these are really good and i only paid £30 for the lot including delivery. They have a wide range of stuff and will return for more stuff

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