Wednesday 21 March 2018

Analogue Hobbies Challenge VIII - The final Update

It's been ages since I've posted. The reasons for this are work (newish job is keeping me very busy, I love my job most of the time and the Boss thinks I'm fab, which is nice) and the Challenge. This is my 4th Challenge and it finished yesterday. I don't post many updates as it seems duplication and many of my followers are also Challenge participants.
This year has been another productive one and I've painted the equivalent of 760 x 28mm infantry figures and have come 5th out of 76 in productivity. Although I've bought loads of stuff I have managed to make a significant hole in my lead mountain.
Here are some of my highlights

VBCW - obviously

Numidians - love Numidians


ACW - completing my collection (still have a regiment to paint but they are a pain to paint)

Russian Revolution / civil war

My 1st foray into Napoleonics wit some Portuguese


I've gotten into Flames of War - James has run some awesome battles an so i went all para

Finally i've been buying some stuff from Mr Lees - Kyle from the challenge's company. Really beautiful stuff

80mm Afro Samurai - my biggest figure ever

40mm gorillas

40mm gorilla king

I've painted other stuff. Overall a great challenge. I've now pretty much run out of space for new toys, need a new plan or a bigger house Couple of week's rest and then some new painting

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