Sunday 30 July 2017

Attecotti - possibly

It feels ages since I've done any painting, life, work and not being in the mood have all stopped me. However last week my mojo was rising and I spent 3 evening painting some dark age / late Roman Briton berserkers.
The Attacotti (Attecotti / Atecuti) are a ferocious tribe from the Strathclyde area of Scotland (possibly) that appears in the 4th Century AD. They were supposedly a bit mental.
The Old Guard have a couple of guys doing Arthurian types (Stu and Steve) and I have a Pict army that needed bulking up.
At the Border Reiver show a couple of years age I bought a pack of Old Glory Maoris, the reasons are a bit sketchy and they have sat on the lead mountain ever since. In a flash of inspiration I decided to turn the Maoris in to Attacotti. Problems were some feathers, some tassles, wooden clubs and grass skirts. The feathers and tassles were easily removed, the grass skirts filed doen to loin cloths and I left the clubs - they seemed appropriate.
Painting was pretty straight forward, lots of flesh and muted tone but it did me the opportunity to try out tattoos.

 Pretty pleased with them and with my other berserker types gives me a couple of regiments. I've ordered a few more figs from Newline, who have a massive sale on, to complete the army. I have a formidable army now.

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