Monday 20 March 2017

Final Challenge Update - ish

So now that it's all over I should post the last 2 submissions. If you want to to see all I did then go here but it will take a while.
 On to the figs and the penultimate post

Angel Gang - End of range sale from Warlord

Perry Bengal Lancers - Maybe useful in Back of Beyond

Bengal Lancer officer painted as a Natal Carabinier

Pack Camel

Northstar Greek Light Cavalry

My final post, which I thought would be enough but Miles was too competitive and dropped a massive bomb in the form of a 28mm Bolt Action German Army - I mean really.

Capt Bentine - 7th Cav, Foundry

Tintin and Snowy - my Curtgeld form Copplestone

Warbaes Pierce Arrow Truck with LMG deck gun from Pulp. Flat bed is magnetic paper. Completes my Royalist flying column

Persian spearmen - ebay, unknown manufacturer

1st Corps Sparabara - these are really beautiful figures

The Persians will complement my Ancient Greek/Persian  army for Matt's Greek campaign

And finally I ended big with some 10mm Pendraken 1864 Prussians and Danes to complete both armies. 

Prussian Regiment. I like 10mm because I can fight really huge battles with many regiments that fit on a 6x4 table. I plan to use my modification of the Days of Iron rules by Adam Stone. They are designed for regiments with more bases and you roll 1D6 per 4 stands. I put 4 figs on a stand and roll 1D6 per stand. Plan to fight my 1st battle in a couple of weeks

Prussian skirmishers or dismounted cavalry

Danish skirmishers

Prussian officer

Prussian Jaegers

This is how I feel

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