Thursday 9 February 2017

Mission to Tashkent

My library has increased with the purchase of "Mission to Tashkent". The adventures of Colonel Bailey in Bolshevik Central Asia in 1919. I purchased it from Edwin King at Diplomatist Books, a painting challenger and source of the best random books on all the things we love.

Any book that has an introduction called An Absolutely First Class Man and an appendix on the species of butterflies he spotted whilst in disguise amongst the Bolsheviks is going to be a cracker. Just the thing for Back of Beyond.
Right, of to pick up a paint brush for the 1st time since Saturday. Could be another meagre entry this weekend as I'm also gaming all day Sunday with the Old Guard in Northallerton. Huge Sudan battle with all of Dave Docherty's toys - about 1500 figs and 7 generals. Could be messy 

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